About GetCannaFacts

Our Story

While the cannabis industry inches closer toward mainstream normalization, cannabis businesses face a myriad of challenges:

    • Too much supply
    • Not enough demand
    • A lack of action on federal policy
    • A deficiency of available capital
    • Plunging prices
    • Heightened competition
    • The allure of black market product
    • Insufficient cannabis tourism
    • And more

However, as new markets emerge, access to new products increases and consumer consumption preferences shift, a significant opportunity to shift this clear downturn exists.

GetCannaFacts is an essential educational marketing resource serving brands and retailers across the burgeoning cannabis industry. Developed in collaboration with the Cannabis Marketing Association, GetCannaFacts provides a turnkey, low-cost program to showcase and promote responsible sales, marketing and business strategies for the cannabis industry. With a unique focus on responsible industry growth, GetCannaFacts equips cannabis brands and dispensaries with the latest research, analytics, regulatory information and customized marketing materials, empowering them to reach, inform, educate and attract canna-curious, canna-averse and newly legal consumers.

Our goal is to provide an outlet that facilitates cannabis education and drives public discourse to foster responsible, fact-based decisions for all individuals. GetCannaFacts addresses the most important topics in the cannabis industry, including:

  • Epidemiology, public health and social impacts of cannabis use
  • Effects of cannabis on adolescents
  • The wide-ranging impacts of the changing legal status of cannabis
  • The correlation of cannabis with the ongoing opioid epidemic

Promoting responsible marketing practices, combating misinformation and supporting cannabis policy reform, GetCannaFacts acts as a liaison between CMA members, research groups, public health associations, media and organizations impacting cannabis policy to tailor responsible cannabis experiences, attract underserved audiences and drive industry growth.