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Cannabis & Mental Health

Myth: Marijuana consumption can increase the risk of developing psychosis.


The hypothesis that high potency cannabis use leads to psychotic experiences in consumers who would not have otherwise experienced psychosis is difficult to study, and the current data does not indicate a causal relationship between high potency cannabis and psychosis. Studies on this topic have established that there is a positive correlation between cannabis consumption and experiencing psychosis, but until we have more controlled studies, instead of the predominantly observational studies currently available, it is impossible to know whether cannabis is causing psychosis in consumers, or if people experiencing psychosis tend to seek self medication through cannabis.


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Myth: Cannabis usage is linked to depression and suicide.


The primary way that scientists have studied the association between cannabis and depression and suicide is through surveys, making it difficult to establish a causal relationship between cannabis and depression or suicide. Similar to the myth that cannabis “causes” psychosis, we cannot say with certainty that cannabis leads to depression and suicide, or if cannabis consumers are treating symptoms of pre-existing symptoms of depression through cannabis consumption. It is also important to consider evidence that cannabis users reported less depressed mood and more positive affect than non-users. It has also been found that CBD helps in ameliorating symptoms of anxiety disorders, which is significant when we consider that of those who have attempted suicide 70% have an anxiety disorder – meaning cannabis could be a huge tool in preventing suicide in some community members. Prohibitionists are neglecting the science that supports the reality that cannabis can have positive impact on suicidal community members, and do not offer further solutions to prevent suicide outside of prohibition. While we still lack evidence, it is important not to say that cannabis causes observed changes in mood.


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